Matthay Festival 2004

University of Richmond

June 16-19, 2004

9:00   Donald Hageman:
"“Matthay’s Two R’s: Rotation and Relaxation”
Richard Becker:
Chopin’s Preludes: A Lecture Recital
Roundtable Discussion with Donald Hageman, Thomas Mastroianni, Constance Carroll, and Dan Franklin Smith: “The State of the Profession”
10:30   Marie Hasse:
“Teaching Matthay’s Technical Principles to Children: From Fist to Fingers”
Elizabeth Lauer and Elizabeth Vandevander:
Brahms's 4-Hand Waltzes, Op. 39
Thomas Mastroianni:
“The Healthy Pianist and Injury Prevention”
1:30 Registration (1:00)
Annual Board Meeting of the AMA (2:00)
Clara Wells Scholarship Auditions (2:00)
Robin Harrison: “Influences on My European Study: A Memoir” Thomas Mastroianni: “Liszt’s Italian Years of Pilgrimage” Christopher Harding:
“What Are We Learning, Anyway?”
3:00 Annual Board Meeting of the AMA cont.
Clara Wells Scholarship Auditions cont.
Constance Carroll:
Master Class
Ann Sears and Stephanie Burlington: “Liszt’s Melodramas for Piano and Recitation” AMA Annual Meeting
5:30     BANQUET: University Club
8:00 Christopher Ungerer:

Barber: Ballade, op. 46
Schumann: Symphonic Etudes, op. 13
Akira Miyoshi: En vers (1980)
Kenneth Leighton: from 4 Romantic Pieces, op. 95
Beethoven: Sonata in E, op. 109
John Kenneth Adams and
Ella Ann Holding , duo-pianists:

Brahms: 4 Hungarian Dances
Fauré "Dolly" Suite, op. 56
Rachmaninoff: Introduction from Suite No. 2, op. 17
Rachmaninoff: Larmes (Tears) from Suite No. 1, op. 5
Arensky: Waltz from Suite No. 1, op. 15
Copland: Two Selections from Rodeo
Nigel Coxe:

Haydn: Sonata in C, Hob. XVI:48 (1788-89)
Beethoven: Sonata in Ab, op. 26
B. W. Tilden: Four Pieces on States of Mental Anguish (2001-02) Liszt: Petrarch Sonnet 104
Liszt: Waldesrauschen
Liszt:Soirées de Vienne No.6
Christopher Harding:

Mozart: Sonata in F, K. 332
Chopin: Sonata in b minor, op. 58
Barber: 4 Excursions
Copland: El Salón México

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