The 2004 Clara Wells Scholarship Auditions
A single prize will be offered in the amount of $2,000

Competition to be held at the 2004 Matthay Piano Festival at
University of Richmond  
Richmond, Virginia
June 16, 2004

    1.    Finalists will be chosen from tape recordings (Analog cassettes, CDs, and VHS videos accepted). 
    2.    Pianists will be judged by a panel selected by the American Matthay Association. 
    3.    The judges reserve the right to withhold awards if, in their opinion, the finalists are 
           not eligible. 
    4.    Selection as a finalist carries a waiver of tuition to the 2004 American Matthay
           Piano Festival.  However, travel expenses must be met by each individual.

    1.    Age: Open to contestants 25 or younger as of July 1, 2004.
    2.    Eligibility: No exceptions will be permitted to the age limit.  A winner may renew his            or her award once, but in order to do so, he/she must re-enter according to the            rules listed here, using all new repertoire. 
    3.    Use of monies: Awards are for study with an active member of the American            Matthay Association. The money (excluding travel allowance noted below)  will            be sent to the private teacher (who reduces the fees by the amount of the award),            or it will be sent to the school where the student is studying piano.   If the  student            is presently studying with a Matthay teacher in a college or            conservatory, the money will be sent directly to the school where the            student is studying, provided the school agrees to reduce the student's            tuition fees by the equivalent amount.  If the school does not agree to           this reduction, the AMA Board of Governors will work with the student to           ensure that the award is used only to further his/her piano study.          $500 of the first prize and $500 of the second prize may be used to offset lodging          and transportation expenses.     4.    If a winner does not claim his/her award, the AMA will hold it in           trust for a period of 2 years.  At the end of that time, if the student           has failed to initiate (or to further) study with a Matthay teacher the           award will be forfeited.

            Required Repertoire on all Tapes: 

    1.    An original work of the Baroque period. 

    2.    A complete sonata by Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, or Schubert. 

    3.    A work of virtuosity chosen from the Romantic, Impressionist, or Contemporary period. 

    4.    A work of contrasting nature from a period not previously selected.
    5.   REQUIRED WORK: Debussy: Any Prelude from Book I or Book II OR Chopin: Any Etude from Op. 10 or Op. 25 

               No changes in repertoire will be allowed.  All finalists must perform from memory. 

                Not Permitted: 
    1.    Original compositions of the applicant. 
    2.    Unpublished works. 
    3.    Substitutions for required works. 
    4.    Arrangements or transcriptions without approval of the Chair.  (Please contact the address below.)

                Entrance Procedure: 

    1.   All applicants: One mailing to include: 
        a) One high-quality unspliced tape, CD, or video of the above five works, 
        b) Photostat copy of passport or birth certificate,
        c) Six repertoire sheets including name, age, and address of the student, typed, 
        d) Name and address of private teacher, 
        e) Registration fee of $20, non-refundable. Make check payable to A.M.A. 

    2.   The above material must be postmarked on or before May 10, 2004.

    3.   Applicants will be notified of acceptance or rejection. 

    4.   Incomplete application material will be automatically rejected. 

    Mail Material to: 

	Ann Sears
	Wheaton College
	Norton, Massachusetts 02788
	Phone: (508) 286-3592
	Fax: (508) 286-3565

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