Color Photos of Marley

Looking directly south over Marley Commons.

Uncle Tobs was obsessed with an unobscured view from Marley, and he spent an untold number of hours chopping away at the trees which grew on the face of the south hill. From his bedroom, he wanted to look across Marley Commons all the way to the English Channel (which was in fact possible on clear days), and he was determined that no leaves or branches should interfere with his panorama. At all times of year no matter what the weather, he insisted on walking. Even in frigid temperatures the walks continued, only somewhat more briefly. He particularly enjoyed walking at night, inasmuch as his body-clock seemed to function better at night. Well after 10 or 11 he might take Denise's arm with a persuasive comment such as, "You know, you only get so many full moons in your life, and there's one tonight. Don't you think we should see it?" They would wander through the woods around Marley, which were particularly stark and beautiful in winter, losing themselves far away from the established footpaths.

The woods on the northern side of Marley.

Looking toward the southeast in autumn.

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