Remembering Frank Mannheimer

Frank Mannheimer about 1917 shortly after his graduation
from the Chicago Musical Academy

Frank Mannheimer was born in Dayton, Ohio, on June 28, 1896, and received a Bachelor of Music degree from the Chicago Academy of Music on June 17, 1916. He then served briefly in the army at the end of World War I, and during the early 1920s went to Berlin for study with Leonard Kreutzer and Artur Schnabel. He was unhappy with what he learned from his German teachers and, after a brief stay in Paris, by the mid-1920s he was studying in London with Tobias Matthay. He absorbed Matthay's ideas so thoroughly and completely that very soon he was one of the few Americans ever appointed to the faculty of the Tobias Matthay Pianoforte School. He trained scores of American and British pianists and was soon known as one of the most esteemed teachers in London. He was a close confidante of Uncle Tobs and his associates, especially Myra Hess, Denise Lassimonne, and Hilda Dederich. He also pursued a concert career in Europe and throughout the United States. The photos used in this commemoration were generously provided by Mr. Mannheimer's niece, Carolyn Green, and her daughter Nancy Poettinger.

Early Days

Frank Mannheimer (right) with his older brother, Sol, and his sister, Sara, in 1903

Growing up in Dayton: Mr. Mannheimer at the age of 7 (left), at the age of 13 (center),
and at the age of 17 (right)

From the Chicago Academy days: Frank (second from right) and several friends relax with some archery in suburban Kenilworth on June 21, 1916, four days after his graduation and one week before his twentieth birthday.

PFC Frank Mannheimer (far right) prepares to sail for Europe in December 1918, on active duty
with the U. S. Army Signal Corps. He returned on May 6, 1919.

A rare photo of the 113th Field Signal Battalion Band. PFC Mannheimer is seated in
the front row at far right. Click on photo to see enlargement.

The official discharge papers of Frank Mannheimer, Private First Class, U. S. Army Signal Corps, dated May 22, 1919. He was last assigned to Company "C" of the 113th Field Signal Battalion. His civilian occupation is listed as "Pianist," his character is described as "Excellent," and the remarks indicate that he exhibited "No A.W.O.L." and "No Absence fr. Duty." They further state that he was "Entitled to travel pay to Dayton, Ohio," plus an additional $60. He also received a bonus of $89.07. He was discharged at Camp Sherman, Ohio, near Chillicothe. A notary's seal from Montgomery County (Dayton), Ohio, was added later in the upper left hand corner, next to a stamp which reads, "Certified for Ohio Adjusted Compensation February 23, 1922."

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