Matthay Festival 2000

University of Kansas, June 11-16, 2000

Honoring Evelyn Swarthout and
Commemorating Frank Mannheimer

AM1   George Loring:
"Matthay beyond the Millennium"
Donald Hageman:
"Matthay from the Ground Up"
Marie Hasse:
"From Fist to Fingers"
Elizabeth Vandevander: "Great Expectations: Matthay and the Early Advanced Student" Donald Hageman:
"Matthay and the Artist"
AM2   Stewart Gordon: "Matthay's Pedagogical Contributions in History" Mary Pendleton:
Topic TBA
Kenneth Huber:
Master Class
Neil Rutman: "On Conquering Stage Fright" Terry McRoberts:
Bach's "Jesu" and Chaconne Revisited
PM1   Christopher Hepp:
"Evelyn Swarthout and the Matthay Legacy"
Kenneth Huber: "Beyond Debussy and Ravel—Piano Works of Jehan Alain" Dan Franklin Smith: "Matthay and Rubato" Aiko Onishi:
Master Class
Steve Clark:
"Pianists and the Web"
PM2   Panel/Symposium, Stephen Siek and Kenneth Huber, Moderators: "Remembering Frank Mannheimer" John Kenneth Adams: "A Poulenc Portrait" Aiko Onishi:
"Tone Production in Schumann and Brahms"
John Williams:
"The Alkan Symphonie, op. 39"
Nancy Elton:
"The Elliot Carter Sonata"
       AMA Board Meeting BANQUET AMA Annual Meeting
7:00 PM   Clara Wells Competition        
7:30 PM Richard Reber Clara Wells Competition Kimberly Cann Neil Rutman Constance Carroll GUEST ARTIST: Anne Koscielny

†Special Concert presented by the A.M.A. in honor of Frank Mannheimer
‡Presented jointly by the A.M.A. and the Evelyn Swarthout Institute at KU

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